Photographer/Graphic Designer
Based in Glasgow, UK.
Contact: kokeass@yeah.net / ins- @kokeass

Mask: Becoming One of
the Group

COVID-19 has suddenly turned the medical mask into a medium that intervenes in human life, and forces us to adapt to it. So that the earliest inspiration for this project came from my thinking about the relationship between medical masks and human beings.As I researched more about the term 'mask', I began to consider its development and origins more from a historical perspective, rather than just the meaning of medical mask in pandemic at the moment. I concluded two main functions of the mask—Cover up and Present, in other words, people use the mask to hide the original identity and create a new one.After this conclusion, I started to think how people use the mask, I found that different masks are used in different contexts,  most of the masks are only effective in certain environments. The mask was no longer just the kind of piece of wood or a piece of cloth that was placed over people's faces. It has become one of the tools we use to fit in with the group, it can also be invisible, and we have many masks in our daily lives that allow us to come to gain more social connections and social identity.